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January prep your garden work

It's January and I am going to try my hand at wheel barrow gardening.


any suggestions about best choice in veggies to start from seed?


any suggestions on prepping the wheel barrow for best results?

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Re: January prep your garden work

For growing vegetables in a wheel barrow, any leaf lettuce will be successful, as will herbs, bush cucumbers, container tomatoes like Sweet Heart of the Patio, our new Peas in a Pot, or  smaller pepper plants like Red Delicious, Tweety or Cherry Stuffer.

For preparing your wheel barrow garden, make sure your have punched drainage holes in the barrow first.   Use potting soil rather than top soil.  Before spreading the potting soil, wash the whole barrow with a ten percent bleach solution, then rinse with clean water and let it dry thoroughly before spreading the potting soil.

Make sure the barrow is braced so it cannot topple in strong winds, and try not to wheel the barrow around your yard once you start your seeds.

The plants like a set orientation to the sun. 



Result Count: 1