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Q's about Lilly-of-the-Valley

I was doing some eye shopping and saw that Lilly-of-the-Valley are now being stocked. I love the way they smell and was thinking about ordering some but I have a few questions:

What is a pip?

What is a crown?

When do these go into the ground for Zone 8?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Q's about Lilly-of-the-Valley

Thank you for your question.   A lily of the valley pip is the rhizome or branch from which the flowers will grow.  This flower spreads undergrown by rhizome growth.   A pip is a plant, in other words.  The crown is the leaves above the soil line.   In your growing zone, you may plant the pips in fall or early spring.   Some authorities limit the hardiness of lily of valley to zone 7.  In which case, you can also choose to force lily of valley bulbs to bloom indoors.   Other authorities consider the flower hardy into you zone, capable of growing well in Zone 8. 



Result Count: 1