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Dessert Fall Planting

We live in Yuma, AZ in the dessert and our fall planting season is upon us, but its for vegetables.  This is the opposite of the midwests seasons but I'm unable to find plants on-line or any information on dessert planting.  Could anyone help me?


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Re: Dessert Fall Planting

You live in zone 10 and there are many things you can grow.  Now you can plant carrots, softneck garlic, broccoli, beets, and swiss chard. Once the temperatures is staying below 85 you can plant: lettuce and salad green, peas, kale, radishes and  kohlrabi. It is a little late for tomatoes but you can start them inside in January to be planted outside end of February.

Always use quick growing varieties since plants seem to take longer in the fall and winter.

Here is a link to your growing calendar:



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