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Roma tomatos

We are new to gardening and although our roma's did fantastic, many rotted on the plant.  They started out not being staked because we read you don't stake roma's but then we had to put a stick by each one (24) and tie a rope around the plants to keep them upright.  It seems that they were so 'thick' with tomatos that they squished next to one another and got rot spots.  We had hay under them and that seemed to keep the area so 'wet' all the time that any that layed on the hay rotted as well.  We did not have a very wet summer and we didn't water a crazy amount so not sure why it stayed so wet under the plants. Can anyone tell us why this happened to them? It seems they grew to many tomatos for each plant if that makes any sense.  Thanks in advance for your ideas.Smile

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Re: Roma tomatos

Caging and staking romas is a personal gardener decision.  Commercial farmers of romas do not cage them.   The rot spots may have been blossom end rot, or a bacteria infection just because you got so many tomatoes.   Romas are designed to be determinate, to blossom and produce fruit all at once.

If you start to experience the same problem next season, please take pictures for us and email them to custserv.com so we can best advise you from your pictures.



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