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Frost-Free Areas

Hello everyone! This is my very first post and I was wondering if anyone could help me understand what a "Frost-free" area is. I live in Zone 8A looks like, and I'm not familiar with gardening in Georgia. I bought a couple seed packets; Catnip and Onion (Tokyo Long White Bunching) and both of the packets say to sow in fall for frost-free areas. I also have some pretty Kale and Strawflower seeds on the way! I have only just arrived to Georgia last November and I honestly can't remember the weather conditions. So what I really would like to know is if I should put the seed in the ground now, or wait 'til spring?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Mi Reed

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Re: Frost-Free Areas

Hi,  Thanks for posting.

There are no real frost free areas in the U.S.  Your Zone 8, on a 30 year average, is free of frost between early April to mid November.

For your seeds, you can sow your kale directly outdoors now, or wait for Spring once the ground has thawed.  Either season is good for kale seeds.

All others, onion, catnip and strawflowers, will do better being sowed next Spring.  Over this winter, you can safely store the catnip and strawflower seeds in cool, dark and dry location (not a refrigerator).  Unfortunately, the onion seeds do not keep well over a winter.



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