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Dill weed

Does anyone jknow when the best time to pick dill flowers is and also the foliage. When you pick the foliage should you dry it first  before you make pickles

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Re: Dill weed

Hi Bruce,

You can pick your dill at any time, but the best time is before the plant goes to flower, when it is still fairly dense, with leaves set close together.  I've even thrown flowers into my pickling crock with great success.  For pickles, you can use fresh or dried.  I strongly prefer fresh, because it imparts great flavor, and doesn't float to the top, and coat your pickles the way that dried does.  I normally use one-two fresh sprigs per quart jar, and 6-8 sprigs per gallon crock.  Remember, if you are using dried, it is more potent than fresth, so use less.




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