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After reading your answer to the person who needed help in starting raised beds, I gather you are a very knowledgeable person.  I have taken the Master Gardener's course in my city (Colorado Springs) and have been gardening since I was about 6 (I'm now 77) but I still have a question that has bothered me for years.  It's about rhubarb.  I am from the UK and love rhubard and strawberry pie, so have been growning it since I can remember.  HOWEVER!!!! I have yet to learn what ails my plants when the leaves turn yellow, and the stems become wet and then rot.  I suspect it may be verticillium wilt, but have yet to find confirmation.  Also, I have heard that there's no cure for V. wilt.  So, each year I pull and destroy at least 1/3 of my rhubarb and that irks me!! 

Can you help??

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