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Good tomato for canning

I have never canned tomatoes before so I am looking for advice. Which tomato variety would be the best for canning, one that produces early and a lot. In Montana I have a short growing season and really don't want to have to pick green tomatoes to bring in the house to ripen.   Thanks ahead of time.

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Re: Good tomato for canning

Hi Tracy,

It really depends on how you want to can your tomatoes.  If you are doing a sauce, paste tomatoes like San Marzanos or Romas are the best.  If you want to can chucked, crushed, or pureed tomato, you can really use any kind.  But in general, you want to look for small to medium sized, smooth, firmer varieties that will stand up to the heat of the canner.  I grow a mix of slicing, paste, and cherry, and I've canned them all.  The cherries where pickled in balsamic vinegar.  

It is good to have plants that all yield around the same time, early or later, it makes no difference.  The important thing is simply to have enough plants to get enough yield to make the effort of canning worthwhile.  We grow 10+ plants (not including the cherry tomatoes) each year.  If you only have room for three or four tomato plants, I say enjoy their fruits fresh.  There's no tomato quite like a fresh, homegrown tomato.

Have you canned tomatoes before?



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Re: Good tomato for canning

I love "Polish Linguisa" for a good canning tomato. I grow Roma types almost exclusively.  In zone 5, I don't always get my plants in the garden as soon as I would like, usually waiting until the end of June, but I manage to produce a lot of tomatoes by starting my plants from seed indoors and toughening them up outside gradually. I typically have over 50 plants that will produce well by Labor Day weekend and beyond. 



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