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Mustard Greens

Has anyone had any experience with the Organic Giant Red Mustard Greens? I planted them at the end of may and in the past week the pants have changes completely. what was clusters of leaves has now shot up into a tall stalk with yellow flowers at the end and some small leaves growing along the base and at different heights along the stalk. Is this this normal? They don't look at all like the picture on the packet or the site. Should i leave them to continue growing? I want to get the big leaves for cooking with. 

Can anyone shed some light? Its my first time growing mustard leaves...



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Re: Mustard Greens

Can you send a picture to custserv@burpee.com attn: Hort.

It is hard to say without seeing what is going on.



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Re: Mustard Greens

Hi David,

It sounds like your plants for bolted, or gone to seed.  Mustard, like most greens, prefers cooler weather,  In the heat of the summer, the plants will produce flowers and seed pods.  The remaining greens will be bitter, but are still edible.  The plants will not grow more greens. They are putting all their energy into reproducing.  You can take out the plants and prepare the area for a fall planting of some kind, or you can leave the flowers to seed.  The seed pods willl look like very small green beans.  Allow the seeds to dry and you'll have homegrown mustard seed.  If you leave the seeds to fall to the ground your mustard will self-sow for next year.

Depending on what zone you are in, May might be too late to plant mustard if you want to get big leaves.  I live in zone 7A and plant mustard in March, as a spring crop.  You may be able to plant mustard as a fall crop.  Use Burpee's growing calendar to gadge the best planting times for your zone.

Happy Gardening!



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