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Shasta Daisies not blooming much.

Florida west coast Zone 9b-10a. My October 2011 trial planting of Silver Princess Shasta Daisies for Spring/Summer 2012 blooming was a huge success with the plants growing to 18-24 inches tall and covered with blooms for months. Because of that success, I expanded the planting the following season for blooming this Spring/Summer 2013, doing everything identically to the initial planting. This planting produced plants half as tall with sparse blooming on about 25% of the plants and no blooms on 75% of the plants. Does anyone have any ideas on what I did wrong? Thanks.

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Re: Shasta Daisies not blooming much.

If you planted identically- right down to the source of your plants, the same uncontaminated compost or ammendments you used, the same aeration of the new bed, the same pH-- were the two seasons very different, i.e. high temperature, duration of high temperatures, amount of rain fall, etc.?  Did the original shasta planting grow as well the second year as the first?  Let us know and hopefully we can help.  Happy gardening.



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