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Gambling on Frost Free

Once the calendar turns to May the number of days to frost free are reduced to just a handful. The run up to the official date can have some great weather and it is a shame not to plant some summer beans in the sunshine. Some gardeners wait until the official date, others gamble with nature knowing that they could lose but only half a pack of green bean seeds. The reward of winning is a harvest 2 wks ahead of those who wait. So who gambles on those last few days of frost free and who is cautioius. I am a gambler!

Note that I do not gamble with tomatoes and pepper or basil which need warm soil and do not go in unless I am certain that we have settled summer weather/

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Re: Gambling on Frost Free

I gamble. I am zone 5 and have been eating fresh lettuce for a week already. I have peas, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach and strawberries in. Others going in this weekend. I loosely cover at night. I figure the seeds are worth the chance. I am like you and will wait for the tomato and peppers.





Re: Gambling on Frost Free

I'm a bit cautious. I make my own seed tape, which I do for all my seeds...depending on how much time I have and the seed spacing it can take at least a week to get an 18' row of seed tape completed. I started in February and just finished the last of it now. I also start my own seedlings, which this year I made a mistake on measuring fertilizer, nearly killed my seedlings, and have spent the last month trying to revive them. People sometimes "plant a row" for charity...I'm doing half the garden! I suppose it wouldn't be the end of the world if I did take a gamble and lost, but I'd feel so bad knowing that I put in all that work into seedlings and seed tape and knowing I had planned on donating a good portion of the produce to charity only to loose it to a frost. And our weather has been so unpredictable this year that it'd be almost insane to try to get anything other than cool weather crops into the ground. Its been consistantly sunny this past week, but we've been hearing chances of light snow here and there.



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