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are all Morning Glories invasive?

I live in Montana, zone 3 and was thinking of planting some morning glories at the end of the flower garden where the soil stays drier. My question is even though they are an annual will they reseed and come up all over the place?  The 3 I am wondering about are as follows: Blue Star,   Scarlett O'Hara, and Grandpa Ott.   I just don't want to be sorry for years to come if these beauties take over and make me sorry I planted them. I already have a creeping potintella that was so pretty when I planted it and now I can't seem to get rid of it!!!!   Thank you so much .......     Tracy

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Re: are all Morning Glories invasive?

I've been warned about the same thing.  Last year, I direct-sowed vining morning glories around my lamppost.  They didn't bloom unitl September, and were killed off by the frost in late October.  I've had no signs of regrowth anywhere, perhaps because of the late bloom.  I also dead-headed.



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