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Weeds from neighbors field.... HELP!!

Our property is bordered by 3 other acreages.... the neighbor in back mow their weeds frequently but not by our fence so they creep over & under. Our fence is wide spaced wire. My DH had a stroke & I had heart surgery so we are limited in physical work on the place. We live on our daughter's 3 acres & her kids help a lot with the gardening.

 I have thot of a reed type fence along the ares where the weeds are most prolific and the boys could help us with it. Might help with the skunks & deer who can see through & wander though andover the fence!! We do take advantage of their huge wild blackberry vine that we have allowed to grow over a cattle wire tunnel which allows the dog to run through & easy access to the wonderful fruit.

Any other ideas to keep that fence covered? vines... ? tall flowers? 

We do not use round up or other chemicals... do use Gardens Alive sprays as they are not toxic but not long lasting as round up is.

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Re: Weeds from neighbors field.... HELP!!

If you like berries, you could try raspberries--they can be very low maintenance, and will crowd out the weeds, but can become something of a weed themselves.



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Re: Weeds from neighbors field.... HELP!!

If you are trying to kill them to keep the weeds off the fence do a Google search for "organic weed kigrowing there are some that use hot water, vinaigrette and salt.



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