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Gardening in very, very small places - 1st time, HELP

I live in a 2 unit duplex that is next to a Church parking lot.  I have small space under my dining room window and can maybe do some gardening from the porch rails in front.  I love fresh vegatables and want to start with something small.  Any suggestions?  Please help!Frown Am sorry don't know what zone I live in but I am a Pine Bluff, AR resident.

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Re: Gardening in very, very small places - 1st time, HELP

You live in zone seven so there are many things you can grow. You want to make sure you choose varieities that you can plant in container. In the beginning or April you can plant loose leaf lettuce like Heatwave blend. After May 10 you can plants a patio tomato like ‘Sweetheart of the Patio’, a bush cucumber like ‘Salad Bush’ and a pepper like ‘Red Delicious’.  Herbs grow well in containers plant things like, Basil, parsley, chives, cilantro and thyme.

Choose pots with drainage holes and always use a good quality potting soil.



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