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I was sitting here the other day and realized that the small city I live in did not have a garden club. So I decided to start one and on April 18th is the first meeting of the Wood village Garden Club. Wood village has a population of 3.870 and a very beautiful little city and now it will have its first garden club and can't wait to get it started. Does anyone have ideas or suggestions of how I should start i would love to hear them.

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Re: Garden Club

How exciting for you and well done for starting a garden club. Apart from the level and age of gardeners and the garden in the community which has been suggested, decide how you want the club to run. To get people coming back month after month, you need good meetings - maybe poll the member for interests and make a list yourself to prompt people. Put a few ads in the local shop or paper to attract people. Good Luck!



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Re: Garden Club

Good luck with your new venture. First thing you need to do is find out what level gardeners you get to join, then do something for the city/village for all to see and enjoy. Also try to get the younger people involved. You could also do a seed swap. Maybe plant something for Earth Day. Getting thei word out is the hardest part. But the most important thing is to have fun.



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