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Golden Egg Hybrid Squash - Up in 12 days!

I bought seeds based on shortest time till harvest. Then, after receiving and reading the seed packets I realized that my home may be too cold for these lovely plants. You see, I heat with candles, and right now at 11:11 a.m. it's 49.4* in here. A far cry from the 70-75* the Fourth of July Tomato is said to respond to.

I have a two bulb T5 light over my plants, and once I realized how much warmer the plants wanted it, I put a candle under the chrome shelf with my 12 inch pots. I had put the pots on an inverted brownie tin, with a ceramic plate on top of it... so the Fiskar trays wouldn't be affected adversely by the heat. I was hopeful. But, I went on to add glass covers, from my Tools of the Trade 8 qt casserole.

My infrared thermometer stopped working, so I couldn't check the temperature.

VERY smile-making to find the seedling. And, there may be a Fourth of July seedling, I can't quite tell because it's up through the soil but hasn't spread it's leaves yet.
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