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eztack straw mulch??

Just noticed a new product in my local garden supply store.  a chopped straw mulch with some kind of tackifying /bonding agent added ?? It states its uses are for lawn seeding and of couse mulching..   Is this safe (for example) for potatoes?? Or other vegetables?? I would like to work this INTO the soil to lighten the soil up a bit.  I know potatoes are sometimes grown in straw exclusively but a prefer a mix of fertilized soil and straw?? Seems like the best of both environments Don't you think.???

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Re: eztack straw mulch??

I have read that old straw is a wonderful mulch, I am going to put it in the walkway of my garden and around my veggies to keep the weeds down and also to hold the moisture around the plants. As for the potoatoes I found a site that says to put down layers of newspaper or  and set your potato seeds on top of the paper and then cover with the decayed straw and then mound your compost, peat, and soil on top and then as the potato plant grows keep mounding the dirt up around the plant only letting about 6-8 inches exposed. When it comes time to retreive your potatoes you just reach under the straw and pick them. I am very excited to try this, I am also going to plant some the regular way just in case.   Have a great day, and happy growing    Tracy



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