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TOMATOES-seeds v. plants

I am trying to decide if I should start my tomato garden using seeds or just go ahead and buy the tomato plants. Any suggestions one which to use? Which one is more success or produces more fruit?

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Re: TOMATOES-seeds v. plants

Always use plants. The season is too short to direct sow with seeds, and have them fail. If you have room and time you can start your own from seeds inside, then transplant outside which is fun and cheaper over the long run. 



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Re: TOMATOES-seeds v. plants

Plants are easier you save eight weeks  but they are the more expensive one plant can cost as much as a whole pack of seeds. If you have never grown tomatoes buying a plant is the way to start.

Seeds are cheaper and many varieties are only offered as seed. Seeds need to be started 6-8 weeks before the last frost date, they need either a sunny window or must be grown under lights. You need to use seed starting soil and a shallow container or a seed starting tray. Many people find starting seeds very satisfying.



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