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Starting an Avocado Tree

I have a wonderfully large avocado pit/seed that I want to plant in the ground. I've tried growing an avocado tree in a container and it started off really well but died during a freeze. I was out of town and couldn't bring it inside. Frown. So I would like to go ahead and plant this one in my front yard. Are there any special fertilizers or nutrients I should give it? Should the soil be a little sandy or will regular topsoil do the trick. I'm planning on planting soon so it will have the entire Spring and Summer to get some good roots going. It doesn't really get cold here until late November, early December.

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Re: Starting an Avocado Tree

I've tried avocados from seed, but mostly what I've read makes it sound as if that's not going to give the kind of fruit I imagine, based on what I bought to get the seed.

I've ordered avocado trees from Park and Amazon. I've had a sad experience, like yours, when one froze when I wasn't expecting it to get that cold that night. As you say, Frown.

There are some neat videos on YouTube from a young woman in Florida who grows avocados from seed. I'm not sure her trees have ever gotten big enough to fruit.



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