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replacement for Impatients

Dos anyone have a good replacement for Impatiens?  I lost all mine last year to the disease that I'm just now learning about.  Seems we might not have impatiens in the future if no cure is found.  My yard is shady and so far I've only had luck with Hostas and ferns, but need some color.  I grow the impatiens in pots so my dogs won't trample them.  They do enough damage to the Hostas & ferms. Suggestions welcome.

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Re: replacement for Impatients

Myrtle is a good ground cover for shady areas, and has small purple flowers. It also stands up to be walked on by the dogs. If you want something to put in pots, I find marigolds adapt to most light conditions. Also if you deadhead the marigolds and keep them in a paper bag you will never buy seeds again.



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