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Greenhouse Newbie, when to start

I have a new Burpee (Palram) greenhouse and am wondering how to best utilize it. In particular, when. I'm in Northern CA. We've had a cold winter (for us) with consecutive nights below freezing. Summers can get very hot with temps executing 100 degrees for 4-5 days. My greenhouse is in a location that has a lot of Southern Exposure.

I'm starting to stash empty milk jugs full of water in the greenhouse as a temperature equalizer and am able to run an extension cord and space heater out for really cold nights. I purchased the cover for protection on the hot summer days, but I'd imagine it will get toasty. I have the "automatic" vent arm. The floor is gravel.

I have a variety of vegetable and flower seedlings growing indoors. I want to move them to the greenhouse at the right time, then many of them into the garden.

I understand plants have a variety of needs and tolerances, but am wondering if people have any general suggestions or guidelines to share.

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