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lasagna garden

has any tried the lasagna garden method?


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Re: lasagna garden

I hadn't heard of Lasagna Gardening... so I googled and found this article:


I'm not sure what I did is exactly the same, but for one garden many years ago I ordered a truck load of topsoil and had it dumped where I wanted my garden. Luckily there was a wide gate in the fence. Then, I laid flagstones from the front yard where I no longer wanted them, in a path that resembled a corn plant. I loved it, and it worked beautifully.


Round about that time I was friends with Susan Waters whose sister is pretty famous in the restaurant business. At lunch with Susan and her mum and dad I heard about growing all different kinds of plants together to enhance flavor. So that encouraged me to let the plants all co-exist.


It was one of my best gardens, EVER. Plus it was lovely to look at, lots of interesting combinations delighted the eyes.
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Result Count: 1