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Zucchini plants and stink bugs

I enjoy growing zucchini plants in the summer. However, every year when the plants are large and start producing zucchinis, stink bugs arrive and kill the plants within a few days. I spray these bugs with Liquid Seven which seems to kill them for a day or two and then another round of stink bugs arrives and kills the plants.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Zucchini plants and stink bugs

My zucchini plants were killed by stink bugs and a few years ago I tried something different.  I placed small boards around the base of each zucchini plant.  The stink bugs, for some reason were attracted to the space under the boards and on top of the soil.  The bugs stayed off the plants.  Each morning I would go out to the plants, pick up the boards and I would crush any stink bugs that were found under the boards.  The plants trived and the population of stink bugs decreased to the point that the following year the zucchini plants were free of stink bugs.



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