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Community Gardening

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Have you been active in building a community garden in your neighborhood?

How can we encourage others to plant vegetables for healthy and sustainable living?

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Re: Community Gardening

I live in Vaughn,Mt. which is about 11 mile out of town. We didn't have any community gardens out here so I started my own. I grow extra plants to give away to whomever wants them and also grow a lot of extra vegetables and give them away to neighbors and friends out here. I was fortunate enough to even find a seed place that sent me free seeds because I do this. Very wonderful people at Annie Heirloom seeds. This spring I am going to plant lettuce,tomatoes, and cucumbers in the whiskey barrels I have along my driveway with sacks so that my neighbors can just pluck whatever they need for a salad while they are out on their walk, otherwise they know they can just stop by and I will pick whatever they need out of the vegetable gardens in the back yard. When everything gets to growing good my granddaughters and myself load up the wagon and deliver to the nieghbors. It is just a blast giving someone fresh vegetables, most have only eaten the STUFF from the store, they now know how much better it tastes when you grow it fresh and let it ripen in the garden and not have to eat the stuff that is picked before it is ripe. We have more and more people every year.





Re: Community Gardening

Honestly, I wasn't active in building our town's community garden. I had begun learning how to garden the year prior to ours opening and only discovered it through an ad in the paper listing plots for rent.

I think the key to encouraging others to plant vegetables is to teach others how to do it. I didn't start gardening until I landed a summer job through a government funded program and the theme that year was "green jobs". So I helped tend the flower beds that decorate the town and was also given a few spots at the senior center to do what I wanted. Before that I couldn't grow a thing and everything I planted died, but during my job the lady I worked with was showing me how to garden correctly and I discovered I did have a green thumb. The tomato plants I grew at the senior center were being mistaken for bushes and I wasn't killing any plants! The next year I wanted to do so much with gardening that I ended up overwhelming myself...apparently my summer gardening job hadn't taught me self-restraint. But I was hooked and have planted something into the ground every summer since then. And knowing that others need food encourages me to plant even more. :)



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Re: Community Gardening

I live in a small city of Wood Village Or population 3,890 and we started our Community garden 3 years ago and it has been very successful and has caught on and can't wait for the opening to start planting. We share with the homeless and who is ever in need of produce.  



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