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Starting seeds indoors....Advice...

Hello fellow gardeners,

This will be my 2nd year gardening. Last year I decided to plant a garden too late to start my seedling indoors but this year I am attempting to start tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants indoors. I purchased the Burpee self watering kits and some of the fiber pots plus organic seed starting soil.

I have two concerns:

1 - I know you are suppose to moisten the soil when using the fiber pots but how can you tell if they are too wet? I've heard that too much water is bad and not enough water is bad...

2 - I have another mini seed starting greenhouse that uses the plastic dome top and it appears to be creating that warm and moist enviroment (i.e. condensation) but the germination sheets that come with the self watering kits do not have that condensation look to that going to be a problem with the germination process?

Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated....thanks!

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Re: Starting seeds indoors....Advice...

  1. The soil should be evenly moist but not wet. If the soil looks wet remove the dome and let it dry out.
  2. The germination sheet and the dome do the same thing they just keep the moisture in. They both  tested the same and as soon as the plants sprout you remove them anyway.




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