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What Vegitables work in Southern California

So Im looking what will work in Souerthen California Vegatable wise. I new to Vegatable gardening I just looking for someone who has had great succsess with Vegitables in the Menifee area I will be moving there in 3 months and trying to find some advise


Help :)

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Re: What Vegitables work in Southern California


I lived in Southern California for many years. I greatly enjoyed flower gardening in that tropic environment. I soon realized that with the right soil you can grow all most anything. The main thing is not what you can grow but when you grow it. It is almost oposit of the northern climates growing time. Much too hot in the summer for most veggies. Just check how long your plants or seeds take to produced and start at the other end. I did several successful gardens begining in the fall, so on the 70 degree Christmas days I was staking tomatoes. January may bring cold rain and be prepared for floods buy tiling and makeing your soil drains well. You can alway cover when there it is too cold, but not much you can do if it all melts in the summer heat. Remember cool weather things like peas, onios,  radishes and lettuce, spinnage and all in the cabbage. there is lots to grow but watch the heat, you will be able to fry not only eggs on the side walk but cabbage, And remember when it it hot to only water in the evening and in the early morning. There is a great opportunity through all county extension offices for home gardening and food preservation. Good Luck!



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