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I live in NM it has taken from last spring to date for our artichokes to grow !! what a surprise to see them grow a purple "head" (flower) to them looks like a chia plant!!! do we just leave it in the ground for the winter??? how do I protect it??? last year we put it in a large pot and placed in the garage which has a east window it got the morn sun thanks margiew

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Re: artichokes

I don't know if you would be interested in an Artichoke variety that will produce the artichoke in the same season. I found one called Imperial Star through Gurneys. I live in zone 4 in Montana and have a short growing season but I still got qute a few and they were very tasty. The maturity time is 150 days, I started my plants inside to give them a head start. At the end of the season I dug a few of my plants and brought them indoors as I had let some of them flower and wanted to save the seeds. I agree the flowers are quite beautiful and last for a long time. I am going to start my seeds even earlier this year, like the end of Feb. so my transplants will be bigger, they transplant real well.   Happy growing,   Tracy



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Re: artichokes

Cut the plants back late fall next year’s growth comes from the bottom, leave about 12 inches. In zones 8 through 10 Artichokes should need no winter protection. In zones 6 through 7 cover the crown completely  with several inches of straw or leaves before the first freeze.  Remove the mulch when the temperatures rise in the spring, but re-cover if a late freeze is forecast. If you have a lot of freezing weather many people invert a box or basket over each plant for added protection.  Generally the first year is the most critical for Artichokes,



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