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Hot from Facebook: How to Harvest Basil
Thank you Kathy Hayes for posting this question to our Burpee Home Gardens Facebook page: 

"It's getting to be that time when I need to cut back my basil and mint. Could you please tell me the proper way to harvest these and the best way to either dry or freeze?  Also, the little seeds at the top of the basil plant just as its dying off, do I save those and use them? I'm not sure."  
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We have a great audio tip on growing/harvesting basil at our website. Check it out at the link below. For storing, you can harvest leaves and place them in a glass of water to keep fresh on your counter (placing it in the fridge will make the leaves turn brown more quickly). To freeze them, you can always cop or puree them and add a bit of olive oil. Then fill ice-cube trays and freeze. One cube equals 2 tbsp of basil.   http://www.burpeehomegardens.com/podcast/HGT014Basil-FINAL.mp3

For mint, you can harvest leaves and place them in a glass of water (like you would fresh cut flowers) and keep on your counter. To have them last a bit longer, seal the mint in an airtight container and place in the fridge. It can last up to two weeks. 



Result Count: 1