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Hot from Facebook: Trouble with Green Beans
Thank you Joan Meadows for posting the following question on our Burpee Home Gardens Facebook page: 

"None of my green beans have produced. It has been horribly hot and dry. I have tried to keep them watered but I think the heat just sucks the water right up.  Will they ever produce or should I just tear them down and compost and try again next summer?" 
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Hot and dry is horrible for beans.  Beans have very shallow root growth, and their flower-set is susceptible to hot, dry spells and wind.  If the blossoms have been upset due to weather or inconsistent watering, that may be why blossoms are dropping or not forming.  

As long as the plants remain healthy and you keep them evenly hydrated, when weather temperatures subdue, you may see further bean harvests.  

Garden expert Joe Lamp'l provides audio tips on Beans at our "How Do I Grow THAT" podcast.  Click the Play button on the following page to hear his advice:  http://www.burpeehomegardens.com/VegetableHerbGardening/PlantDetails.aspx?plantid=5000



Result Count: 1