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Hot from Facebook: Abundance of Beans?
Thank you Karin Bourdeau for posting this question to our Burpee Gardens Facebook page: 

"I have a few varieties of bush 'snap' beans that really got away from me (even after canning about 40 quarts). They're getting huge and I'm wondering if I can let them dry on the plants and save them as dried beans? I know there are certain varieties that are solely for drying but thought I'd ask if anyone has saved regular 'snap' beans."
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Yes, you can let beans dry and use them as shell beans. The plant may stop producing with the mature pods. Harvest the seeds when their pods have turned dry and the seeds have hardened but before the pods split open. Many people put the beans in the freezer for a few hours to kill and bugs that may have hitched a ride. Spread the beans on a paper plate until dry and store in an airtight container. 



Result Count: 1