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Dead blueberry

I had a 10-12 year old fully established  blueberry bush that did not seem to make it after this winter.  It is odd because all my other bushes are already fruiting (it was a mild winter here in chicago and Spring came early).  Do blueberries ever go dormant?  I hate to cut it down without being sure that it is truly dead.  The branches do not seem to be dried out, but I do not see green and it has no leaves at all. What could have happened?  The soil is acidic enough...

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Re: Dead blueberry


Without seeing it is  tough to say. Blueberries can last 25 years so I don’t believe it is an age issue. If the stems are crispy it most likely is dead.  If the stems are flexible and the buds are still intact give it more time. It must be suffering from some root damage from the winter. Check for the insect scale they look like bumps on the stem that you can wipe off. If it is scale check with your county extension service for recommendations in your area.  



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