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Having problems getting soil acidic

This is the first year I've planted blueberries.  I have a tophat plant that looks to be doing fine, however, when I test the acidity level of the soil, it is nowhere near acidic, and I worry that this will prevent the plant from producing fruit.  I have been adding dried coffee grounds to the soil weekly and testing it about a week later, but still no results.  I like to try to garden as naturally and chemically free as possible, so is there anything besides or in addition to the coffee grounds that will make the soil more acidic? What amount of dried coffee grounds is sufficient, and how often after I add them should I re-test the soil?

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Re: Having problems getting soil acidic

Top Hat’ Blueberry can tolerate a higher pH it is the easy plant.  It is better to fix the soil before you plant it by add 50% peat moss to the soil.  Coffee grounds will take several year to affect the pH.  Aluminum sulfate will help lower the pH find that at your local nursery.



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