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Cabbage Seeds

Do I have to start Cabbage seeds indoors or can I plant them directly into the ground?

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Re: Cabbage Seeds

They can be directly sown in the early spring, if you live in areas with cold winters, but they may not develop well enough before hot weather sets in.  That is why many people start seeds indoors or buy started plants at a nursery etc. to set out in the garden in Spring.  For Fall crops in the northern areas, they germinate better indoors or in a cooler area, when sown in late June to early July for later transplant outdoors and harvest in later fall.

I have found that Pak Choy, a small Chinese cabbage is a good spring crop for slaws, salads and stirfry, that matures quickly when sown directly.  It is best eaten fresh as it does not store will, but is very tasty and crisp.  Living alone, I like the small size of one head per meal!



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