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winter tomato growing

please direct me on growing tomatoes in my basement over winter, can east tenn. red clay soil be doctored with epsom salts to assure adequate nourishment of the plants... can cfl lamps be used to illuminate plants and how many hours per day.. ... can drip watering be used 24 hours per day? can i buy seeds  for winter use and whiick varieties are suitable? can liquid fertilizer be used and how often... old paint, knowville, tenn.

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Re: winter tomato growing

Growing tomatoes inside can be tricky. You can grow some patio type tomatoes like ‘Princess of the Patio’ inside. You need to plant them in containers and use a good quality potting soil. You can grow under florescent lights, keep the lights on 16 hours a day and keep the lights within four inches of the top of the plant. Since there are no bees you will have to hand pollinate the flowers.



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