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Tomatoes in Florida

I really need some information on how to grow the best tasting tomatoes in Florida.  I'm from Pennsylvania and our tomatoes were the best!  I plan to grow vegetables in pots and need all the information I can get!  Thanks!  Kathyfaye

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Re: Tomatoes in Florida


You can grow tomatoes in the fall until they get hit by the frost. Choose early varieties like ‘Fourth of July’ or Early Girl’. If you are growing in containers make sure you use a good quality potting soil and try for at least a 14 inch container.  If you are using a smaller container stick to a patio type like ‘Sweetheart of the Patio. If you want to try a hanging pot try ‘Tumbling Tom’. Try to avoid the larger tomatoes they struggle in containers, however, BushSteak’ seems to do okay.

You can start your seeds early inside with seed starting tray until the weather stays below 95 degrees they plant them outside.




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