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Starting Blueberries

I would like to grow blueberries, but am not sure of the varieties to grow here in the Central Valley of California with our hot dry summers.  Also, I know blueberries like acidic soil.  What would be a good soil mix to use?  I have heard you can add sulfur to the soil to acidify, but am not sure how much to use. 

Thank you

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Re: Starting Blueberries

Roledan, you want the southern highbush varieties.  ‘Misty’ and ‘Sunshine Blue’ are hardy in zones 5-10. ‘Jubilee’ and ‘Jewel’ are hardy in 6-9.

Blueberries need a pH of 5.0 so you may want to test your soil first.  The first thing is to add an acid organic matter like peatmoss. Peatmoss has a pH of around 3.0 so you may need to add at least 50% peatmoss. Then if still needed use a garden soil acidifier read and follow the directions carefully you may need to add it several times.



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