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Preparing soil for peppers

Our crop of green and red peppers this year was dismal and came in very late.  While dismal may not be the norm, having peppers come in at the end of August or September may be the norm.  Our garden is in southwestern Wisconsin and we don't put in the garden until mid-May. 

Anyone have tips on preparing the soil for a better yield on the peppers?  BTW: this is a garden with lots of sunshine and plenty of water. 

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Re: Preparing soil for peppers

I start my Seeds Indoors in late March. I am Zone 6 - Southeast Michigan. Cold weather is buffered and earliness increased by using plastic mulch, especially in combination with a slitted row cover or lightweight fabric row cover supported by wire hoops. This will heat the soil beneath and provide a better growing condition for young pepper plants. The mulch will also help the soil retain moisture throughout the season as the pepper plants grow. Remove row covers in sunny weather above 85°F (29°C) to prevent blossom drop and heat damage. You could also look for a variety initial/Ripe at 50-60 Days. Some varieties of Bell Peppers take 70, 80, or even 90 Days. Pick some when Green and let some ripen on plants.



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