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Best way to grow asparagus

Just ordered some Martha Washington asparagus crowns which haven't arrived. What sort of preparation should I

make for the best results?

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Re: Best way to grow asparagus

For each row of asparagus I dug a trench a foot deep, laid in compost-about 6" deep and a light dusting of Triple Phosphate. Some dirt and then a mound of dirt every 10" or so and laid the palnts in like a wig on the mound. Covered to the start of the crown with more compost/dirt mix. Watered in with liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength. As the crown sprouted I'd add dirt to the tips until the bed was filled. I refertilized with triple phophate. Watered weekly as needed. Multched and limed in fall. Ready for some good eating this spring which is early for us. Good growing!



Result Count: 1