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Companion Planting

I have been talking to friends and family of mine about the concept of "Companion Planting"....  I have been doing a lot of research in the internet and books related to the gardening method....  BUT I have not used this method before, and I am starting to use it this year for the first time....  From what I read, it has been in use for hundreds of years, and is a great organic planting method....

Does anyone use this method of Companion Planting?  If so, how does it work for you?  Any comments or concerns?...

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Re: Companion Planting

Companion planting is a long-standing organic practice that is only starting to be studied in the scientific word.  Garlic for example, deters aphids, carrot root fly and snails.Geraniums repel Japanese beetles and cabbage worms .Marigolds like ‘Nemogone’ repel nematodes.  



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