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Hot from Facebook: Soil Testing
Thank you Diana Kaboos for posting this question to our Burpee Home Gardens Facebook page: 

"I built raised beds three years ago. I've been adding aged steer and chicken manure but the quality of my vegetable crops declines just a little every year. I dig amendments in with a shovel if that matters. I tested the pH this year and it looked good. My county extension won't do it for me so I bought a test kit. Should I be adding something else? I'm thinking I should buy the bags from a nursery?" 
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You've taken the first steps with soil testing and checking for pH. Next, make sure the texture of your soil is allowing plants and roots to thrive. Here's a few podcasts from Joe Lamp'l that can help explain: http://www.burpeehome

Another thing to think about is crop rotation and layout. Sometimes planting the same crop in the same location each year can affect your yield. Your extension office may help you with regional recommendations. This article from UC Davis can answer questions about soil fertilizers:  http://ucanr.org/sites/gardenweb/Vegetables/?uid=26&ds=462 



Result Count: 1