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Hot from Facebook: Blight Got You Down?
Thank you Renee Secord Herboldt for posting this question to our Burpee Gardens Facebook Page: 

"Is there any way to prevent blight? My poor tomato plants have suffered this year.  I've still been able to pick some but not as many as I'd like.  I put a straw mulch down, use a drip hose and made sure the plants were trimmed for good circulation but still got caught with blight."  
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Renee, blight is a difficult disease to control it is caused by the same fungus that caused Ireland's potato famine.  At the end of the season remove and destroy all debris from the garden, do not put in the compost bin, the fungus over winters in debris. If you can rotate your tomatoes next year at least 20 feet from where they were planted lat year, that would be helpful. Remove immediately and plant that shows signs of blight, such as white powdery spores and large olive green or brown spots on the leaves and stems.  It looks like you are spacing them to get good air circulation and you are using a drip irrigation system to prevent the spores from splashing up. Next year you may want to talk to your county extension service about recommendations on fungicides. Fungicides don't kill the disease but will prevent its spread. Your county extension service will also help you with a spray schedule. 



Result Count: 1