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Hot from Facebook: "My Squash Has Stopped Growing"
Thank you Tisha DiCicco for posting the following question on our Burpee Home Gardens Facebook page:

"My squash seems to be slowing down now? Is it normal for squash to slow down in cool weather then start back up growing like crazy again? We have been getting lots of cool winds could be the squash is growing slow because of the cool weather? Next week we are getting hot temps of triple digits, will the squash grow like crazy again?"  

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Summer squash varieties, like crookneck or zucchini, definitely prefer the heat! They like temperatures in the soil to remain above 70 degrees F, so if you're experiencing cooler weather, production may slow.  There's some great squash tips in this audio podcast from Joe Lamp'l:  http://www.burpeehomegardens.com/podcast/HGT019SummerSquash-FINAL.mp3



Result Count: 1