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I have some form of a bug buroughing into the main stalk of my Zucchini plants and it then kills it. the stalk is like infested with tiny bugs inside of it. and that kills it off.

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Sounds like squash vine bore, it is difficult to get rid of once the plant is infested because the plant protects it from many insecticides. You can check with your county extension service for a recommendation in your area. Sometime you can use a knife and dig them out, it they are young.

Protect young plants from the egg laying adults by covering  young plants with row covers until they start to bloom. Check plants for the tiny golden eggs and squish.

Plant a second crop in early July it won’t be attacked by the bore, be careful an early frost means no fruit.

If your plants are infested put up and put plants in bags and throw them out do not put in the compost bin.



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