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Strawberry plant fertilizer question

I planted a new patch of Strawberries last year late summer/ early fall. They grew and spread out well filling in the areas nicely. I keep them inside a garden fence and covered them with plenty of straw for the winter to protect them. Now in the early spring when weather starts to warm out more I want to fertilize them with some type of fertiziler, preferably organic. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Never grew berries before and so far has not been hard,other than keeping them watered nothing to it once you put them in the ground. I have read several articles about pests that affect berries and how to keep them growing, but nothing mentions fertiziler suggested. Really looking forward to those new strawberries early this year, may get a hoop house set up over them to see how early I can get them to set fruit.

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Re: Strawberry plant fertilizer question

I generally use a standard 10-10-10 fertilizer diluted as directed when watering about once a month during the growing season, and stop once the flowers set into fruit. 



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