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Hi. I've recently become a student of cactus/succulents in terrariums and dish gardens.  I am also new to this blog.  Perhaps we could begin sharing information, success and challenges with this fun topic.  Anyone interested or have questions? 

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Re: Succulents

Hello.  I'm very much interested in succulent/cactus dish gardening also.  I have a few succulents growing in pots around my house, and in a terrarium that I got for Christmas.  I love these little plants.  They are very easy to grow and maintain.  I usually take cuttings from pre-existing succulents to start new plants.  This has worked well for me.  I plant the cuttings in a cactus mix, water weekly (lightly), and have them growing on my windowsills.  They seem to be doing well right now. 



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