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curling leaves

I need help about what to do with leaves curling on my tomato plant?  I would like to mention I have about 10 plants, but only one has the problem.  I thought it was not getting enough water or attention in general, so I watered it well and added fish emulsion to water.  It seems like it got

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Re: curling leaves


There are several  reasons the leaves curl including, cool weather, excessive amount s of water, too much fertilizer, not acclimatized correctly, Verticillium or Fusarium wilt, Tobacco Mosaic Virus or an incest called Psyllids.  Check the leaves of small insects under and on the leaves. Make sure the soil is evenly moist not wet and don’t fertilize the plant. Take a sample to your county extension service to check to check to see if you have a disease on the plant. You can also send some pictures to so we can take a look at it.



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