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bottom Rot

My tomatoes ( roma ) are getting bottom rot on the fruit not the stems.   what causes bottom rot.

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Re: bottom Rot

The condition is called Blossom End Rot it occurs because the plant was not able it metabolize the calcium it needed to develop properly. Although it can occur when there is not enough calcium in the soil it is usually the results of drought stress or excessive soil moisture fluctuations. Water stress will reduce uptake and movement of calcium through the plant. On rare occasions it is the result of excessive nitrogen fertilization.

What to do:
Maintain the soil pH around 6.7. Liming will supply calcium and increase the pH.
Avoid drought stress and wide fluctuation in soil moisture by using mulches. It only takes a day or two for the lack of calcium to affect the tomato and that day can occur any time after blossom set. It is important that the plant's soil is always evenly moist. Extreme changes in soil moisture from dry to wet and back (heavy rain) will intensify the problem.  Most plants need about an inch of moisture per week, however container plants will need more than that and should be checked every day.

Avoid over-fertilizing during the early fruiting stage, especially if the fertilizer contains an ammonical form of nitrogen.

Adding mulch, more frequent deep watering, avoiding high nitrogen fertilizers, and avoiding close cultivation will help prevent further problems. Unfortunately, it will not fix the fruit that is already disfigured.  It is best just to remove it from the plant. The part that it is not rotted is still fine to eat.



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