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potato growing in barrels

Can anyone tell me how to grow russet potatoes in containers.  How tall the container should be, what type soil, do I need drainage,

how many eye's can I plant in say a 20" width container.

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Re: potato growing in barrels

You will need a full sun spot for the barrel it is much easier to move a light barrel than a heavy barrel. Make sure the plant has drainage holes. You will also need either moist compost or a moist  mix of potting soil and compost do not use top soil.

Fill the barrel with six inches of compost place mini tubers about  4 to 6 inches apart with one in the center and the rest evenly spaced. Add about two inches of compost. Do not soak the compost at this stage or they may rot. The compost should be kept just slightly damp. Protect from frost.

When the plants are about 6 inches tall add another 4 inch layer of compost  around the plants leaving just the tops showing . Repeat this process in layers until the shoots reach 1 inch below the top of the planter. Remember to water each layer, but do not over water the compost.

The potato foliage with continue to grow until it is 1 to feet above the top of the plant. Water and fertilize on a weekly bases.

If you use a potato planter you can harvest new potatoes once the plants flower because they have a little door for that purpose. Otherwise wait until the plants die down to harvest the potatoes.




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