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Direct Sow vs. Indoor Sow

What do the phrases "Direct Sow" and "Indoor" or "Indirect Sow" mean?

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Re: Direct Sow vs. Indoor Sow

Direct sow means you sow the seeds directly into the garden. Indoor sow means you start the seeds inside and transplant the seedlings to the garden at the proper time. Timing depends on the plant.





Re: Direct Sow vs. Indoor Sow

Why do some seeds instructions have just Indoor sow or Direct Sow and others have both.  

Besides having the advantage of starting indoors weeks before the first frost, why would you sow indoors?

I'm curious because I was planning on planting brussel sprouts for the fall, but one of the seeds say sow indoors and the other says you can do either. 

Why would I want to start brussel sprouts indoors for the fall season?

I usually start tomatoes inside early spring, but this year I had a very late start so I just planted diretly outside.  However I did start about 4 tomatoes inside early spring for my grandson to plant later on.  To my suprise the ones I started indoors are only a foot tall and jus tstarting to flower, but the others I sowed outside about 5 weeks later are about 2' tall and starting to produce fruit.  

so now I'm questioning the Indoor sowing.   

What's the advantage?



Result Count: 2