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  • Annuals- Annuals live and die in one year. Some plants are treated like annuals because they can’t live through the winter. Almost all of the vegetables are grown as annuals you plant the seed and harvest the vegetable in one year.  Most of the flowers you see in the summer are annuals; they flower all summer and die at the first frost. They literally grow themselves to death. Annuals are grown from seed. Annual means you perform something every year and with the annual plants you have to buy and plant them every year.
  • Perennials-Perennials live for three or more years. They bloom for about four to six weeks. Different perennials bloom at different times from early spring to fall. They are fleshy plants that die back down to the ground every year.


http://www.burpee.com/community/discussion/261/annuals-and-perennials?commentid=1445 March 15, 2012